Park and Fly provides low cost, secure and convenient parking at Belfast International Airport.

We're taking the hassle out of airport parking. The Park and Fly car parking service offers:

  • Only two minutes from the terminal
  • Free shuttle bus
  • Secure car park manned 24/7

Belfast's Park and Fly car park is owned and operated by Belfast International Airport. Suitable for stays of 3 days and over, it's the closest off-site car park to the Airport. To make things even handier, we provide you with a free shuttle bus to the terminal and back. We are here to meet all your Belfast International Airport parking needs, book online now and save 20%.

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Trust Park and Fly to take the hassle out of Airport Car Parking!

Park and Fly reviews

Here at Park and Fly Belfast International, we offer low cost, convenient airport car parking options! The Park and Fly Belfast car park is owned and operated by Belfast International Airport and is perfect for stays of 3 days or more. As it’s the closest off site car park to the Airport itself, it’s handy and it takes no time at all to get to the airport terminal. To make things even easier, we provide a free shuttle bus which drops you off at the terminal entrance.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of airport car parking, allowing you to relax and focus on enjoying your trip! Don’t just take our word for it… here are some happy customers, who’ve had a great Park and Fly experience with us.

“I parked at Park&Fly this week for 3 days and I must say it was good. There were a lot of cars parked there but I didn't have any problems finding a parking space. It was great getting the bus over to the terminal and getting picked up on my return and the drivers were very pleasant and helpful. I would use this car park again.”

Andrew H, Newtownards

“Easy five star service! Cheaper than getting a taxi from Belfast City Centre for a week's holiday.

When we arrived, the shuttle bus was about to pull away but the driver waited, hoped out of his cab and then helped us load our cases. He even helped us unload them at the airport. Absolute gentleman and really polite too!

The bus only takes about 1 minute and there's plenty of space to park your car!”

Stevie M, Belfast (Yelp)

“Used Park & Fly in July and was really impressed. Cheap and no hassle.”

Leigh McConville (Google +)

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Airport car parking at Park and Fly Belfast can be booked securely online!

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What's the Best Airport Parking Option for You?

Belfast International Airport Parking

It can be difficult to know what type of airport parking you need. Price may well play a large part in your decision making, but you should also take proximity, convenience and security into consideration before making your final choice. To help, we’ve put together this handy guide.

There are usually two overall options when it comes to airport parking:

On-site Parking ‐ These tend to be car parks operated by the airport. They are usually the closest to the airport terminal and there will likely be at least short stay and long stay options with varying prices for each depending on the length of your stay.

If you are going away for the weekend or on a short business trip and have little to no luggage, short stay on‐site parking can be a very good option as it allows you to park just a short walk away from the departures hall, making it very convenient. If quick and easy with no additional bus to take is what you are looking for, this should be your choice.

Those people heading away for a week or two, especially on a family holiday with plenty of luggage, might prefer the on‐site long stay parking (which is more economical when parking for longer periods) or off‐site parking.

Off-site Parking – This is any car park that isn't part of the airport complex itself. These will often be cheaper than on‐site parking options and the daily rate you pay will typically be cheaper for longer parking periods.

What to look out for with choosing an off-site car park...

Distance and transfer times to the terminal
The best off‐site car parks offer a courtesy bus to the airport terminal. The time taken by (and frequency of) the shuttle buses is an important factor to consider. Don’t be caught out by a car park advertising it is just minutes away, only to find it is a few miles down the road – their transfer time will not have taken traffic problems into consideration. Price permitting, choosing an off‐site option just outside the airport complex where transfer time won’t be affected by traffic will alleviate worry that you’ll miss your check‐in time!

It can be a worry to leave your car parked anywhere while you're away. Good off‐site car parks will have 24‐hour manned security. So do your research and make sure the car park you decide upon offers a level of security you will be comfortable with.

Can you Cancel?
Plans can change, so make sure the car park you choose allows you to quickly and easily cancel your parking booking. Check what a provider’s cancellation policy is and choose one that gives you the option to change or cancel your booking with a reasonable amount of notice.

Trusted brand
Make sure you only go with a parking service that is operated by a company or organisation you have heard of and trust. It will give you piece of mind.

The Park and Fly Belfast International Airport parking service is low cost, secure and convenient and designed to meet all your airport car parking needs. It's the closest off-site car park to the Airport and provides a free shuttle bus to and from the terminal.

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Airport Parking - 10 Car Care Tips

Use Park and Fly’s handy checklist to make sure you fly worry free and return to a car that’s ready to get you home safe and sound, with your belongings intact.

So, it’s not only pilots who need to do pre-flight checks – whether you’re leaving your car for a short break or a long haul holiday, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Hide valuables out of sight
2.  Close all windows and check the sunroof is secure
3.  Turn off all lights and indicators
4.  Unplug any devices that could drain your battery
5.  Make a mental note of where you’ve parked
6.  Lock your car
7.  Lock your car again! (to avoid any doubt when you’re airborne!)
8.  Put your keys and parking ticket somewhere safe for your return
9.  In cold weather, keep de-icer and a scraper handy for cold, early starts
10. Relax!

Frequent travellers have an increased risk of losing their keys while away, so consider investing a hide-a-key device so there’s a spare when you return. Or if you’ve been driving in a country that drives on the right, give yourself some time to re-adjust – drive slowly and take extra care at junctions.

The Park and Fly Belfast International Airport parking service is low cost, secure and convenient and designed to meet all your airport car parking needs. It's the closest off-site car park to the Airport and provides a free shuttle bus to and from the terminal.

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Park and Fly FAQ

Can I Book at Short Notice?
Yes, you can make a car park booking up to 2 hours before your entry into Belfast International Airport, subject to availability.

How far ahead can I book?
You can make a booking up to 24 months in advance of your travel date, subject to availability

Can I change or cancel my booking?
Yes, as long as you have not choosen an non-flexible booking option, you can change or cancel the booking up to 24 hours prior to when your booking starts by going to ‘Manage My Booking’ or by phoning us Mon – Fri 9am-5pm on 028 944 84851 or after business hours on 028 944 84851 (note that there is an adminstration fee for cancelling by telephone, but not charge for making the change yourself online). Please do not write to us regards changing an booking: we do not accept booking changes or cancellations by post or email.

Do I have to tell you if I am coming in a different car than I said when I booked?
Yes. You will still need to make sure that your printed confirmation of booking has the correct registration on it. Click 'Manage My Booking' to make the change to the regsitration up to 24 hours prior to when your booking begins. If you don’t tell us, you will incurr additional charges.

What do I do when I get to the car park?
The confirmation email you will receive gives comprehensive instructions on car park entry and exit procedures. This information is also available by clicking here.

What happens when I return?
The car park exit procedure is very straightforward and will be detailed in your confirmation email. Alternately click here for more information.

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